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The Kensington Rune Stone as Cultural Phenomenon


Far to the West of Vinland is an essay on the Kensington Rune Stone posing as a short work of fiction. The KRS is a 200 lb stone carved with runes and dated 1362. A Swedish farmer in rural Minnesota claimed to have found it buried on his land. It is almost universally regarded as one of many archeological hoaxes common in the 1890s.

But some, especially those of Scandinavian ancestry in Minnesota, continue to believe in its authenticity. They argue that its language is such that no-one in Minnesota could have carved it, that marks on the back of the stone are from the tree roots it was wrapped in, and that the age of the carving can be determined by some vague and unverified process of comparing it to old tombstones. They argue that there is no scenario in which the stone could be a forgery, that fits the known facts.

This books offers such a scenario that is not only very plausible, but the most likely. It is entirely consistent with the evidence. Money, power and pride combined to produce a sophisticated forgery that has long shadowed the family of the farmer who agreed to “find” it.





Newport Tower: Unsettled History, is a short ebook, free at Amazon and Smashwords.com in a variety of file formats. It takes a fresh look at the nearly 200 year-old controversy over this stone tower in Newport, Rhode Island.

Instead of focusing on wild theories about the tower’s origin, from Vikings to Chinese, the book examines what is perhaps the wildest theory of all - that the tower was built by Puritan colonists in 1675 as a windmill. Even though that is the widely accepted explanation today, it is rife with flaws and is supported by practically no evidence.

The reader is challenged to consider what one must accept as true if one is to believe the windmill theory. This little book has become widely read in the six months since it was published! In fact, if you go to Amazon and search on Newport Tower, it is the top result. To download free visit:



This is a short essay on the KRS. It is a follow-up to Far To The West Of Vinland,

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